Tony Angell

Migrant Loons

Deborah Bays

Cowboys and Indians


Sunflower Still Life


Crow on Sewing Table

Duke Beardsley

High Plains Sisters

Gordon Brown

Black Cows Black Storm


Last Light


October Evening

Sophy Brown

After the Rain


Blue Sand


Untitled Buckskin

George Bumann



Patience is a Virtue


Singular Obsession


Three Antelope

Kenneth Bunn

Rimrock Cougar

G. Russell Case

Evening News


Low Clouds



Dan Chen



Peacocks I


The Watcher

Len Chmiel

5 0'Clock Weather Report




Sound Check, Crystal River

Neil Clifford

Canyon Runner




Songbird Vase


Ocean Voyager

Don Coen

[Untitled 27]


[Untitled 28]


[Untitled 29]


[Untitled 30]


[Untitled 31]


[Untitled 32]


[Untitled 33]


[Untitled 9]


[Untitled 35]


Gracie at Daybreak

Mark Daily

Canyon's Glare

Ewoud DeGroot

Mirror Lake


Winter Lake


Wonder Lake

Teresa Elliott



Javalina Clays

Sharron Evans

Horse Trick




Work Horse

Scott Fraser

Animal Farm


Applied Reflections


Floating Nest

Douglas Fryer

Canyon Ranch Near Kanab


End of Summer


The Final Cutting

Terry Gardner

Tall Pines Along Chalk Creek


The Grain Elevators


The Milk House on 93

Ulrich Gleiter

Along the Valley


Apple Orchard


Path to the River

Lindsey B. Graham



Paint Team Thunder


Spirit Filled

Brent Greenwood

Buffalo Heart


Old Man Wild Style


Sings His Song

David Griffin

Country of Big Dreams


Cowboy Moon


Silver Lining

David Grossmann

Blue Carpet




Midsummer Dusk

Quang Ho



Meyer Lemons


Wooded Pool


Every Whichway


Autumn Day in Bear Creek

T.D. Kelsey

Got Cow?


Makin' a Commotion

Steve Kestrel

Cat of My Dreams


Rock Fish


Starlight Starbright


Vanishing Line /
Colorado Squawfish


Pika Pika

Amy Laugesen

Iron Horse


Ranch Toy


Relic Herd [Set of Two]


Siete Verde [ Herd of 7 ]


Western Relic

Richard Loffler

Jumping Whitetail Deer


Small Colt


Timberlake Grizzly

Kim Lordier

Fire and Ice


Headin' Up Country



Leon Loughridge

La Bajada


Laguna Chapel


Morada In Taos


Rider's Reward


Ysleta Mission

Michael Lynch

Afternoon Shadows - New Mexico




Foothill Twilight

Jerry Markham



The Apprentice


The Unveiling, Moraine Lake

Walter Matia

Bobwhite Quail


The Rebel Angels


Seeing Things Whole

William Matthews

Afternoon Breeze


Slack Packer



Claire McArdle



Cavallino 12


Cavallino 13




Horse Head


Horse on Mountain


Il Ponte Vecchio

Dean Mitchell

Built To Last


Pima Maricopa Dwelling


Standing Tall

Jim Morgan

Along the Fence Line


Night Talker


Rabbit Brush in Winter

Arlo Namingha



Chanters #1


Landscape #22




Sea Butterfly

Dan Namingha

Pictograph #11


Pictograph #10


Ceremonial Dance V

Michael Naranjo

Devil Dancer






The Prayer

Joel Ostlind



Fit to be Tied


The Hole in the Wall Country

Howard Post

Big Country


Colorado Landmark


Waiting for Shipping Time

Thomas Quinn

Flood Tide

Brad Rude

Stomping Ground

Jo LeMay Rutledge

Moon Pie


Night Stand


Wilbur's World

Tim Shinabarger

Big Itch




Winter Willows

David Michael Slonim

Woodlands No. 11


Woodlands No. 14


Woodlands No. 34

Jill Soukup

Fall Menage


Group Frosted


Orange Released

Michael Stano



First Strike


In The Company Of Ravens




Willow Creek

Don Stinson

Along the Oregon Trail,
Beside the Lincoln Highway


Midnight in the
Video Garden


Mojave Lo-Gas



Karmel Timmons



Future Prospect (Color Study)




One Horse Power

Sue Tirrell

Bobble Head
Rodeo Sweetheart


Rodeo Queen
Bobble Head


Bobble Head
Rope Trick Girl




Pig Treat Box


Rodeo Savior


Spotted Bull Flower Brick


Spotted Pony


The Good Queen

Kent Ullberg

Pronghorn Pyramid


Scent of Vixen


Urban Encroachment

Barbara Van Cleve

A Late Lunch


A Natural Design


Early Summer Evening

September Vhay

Rosebud's Delight




Sterling Surprise

Theodore Waddell

Big Wood Angus #2


Deer Creek Morning

M.W. Skip Whitcomb

Granite Cathedral

Kim Wiggins

Entering the Sacred Dusk


Riding Beneath a Santa Fe Dawn

Laura Wilson

Emma, Hutterite Girl, Montana


Hutterite Cousins Sharing
a Secret, Montana


Mesquite Tree with Range Predators

Seth Winegar

American Barn


Backyard Cows


Winter Willows

Dinah K. Worman

October Hues


Snow Patterns


Winter Field with Red

Daniel Young

November Reflections


Overwhelm at Mystic Island


The Summer Moon