Artists are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Club Artists are listed after Coors Artists.
Tony Angell



Summer Coat

Duke Beardsley

La Silla Del Rey


Her Majesty


Never Was No Better Life

Allen Birnbach

Baker Ranch Branding #6


Ladder Ranch Branding #12


Sheep Drive #3

Gordon Brown

In the Brush


Snow Squall

Sophy Brown

About Shelter


Soft Focus



George Bumann

Going Places


The Critic


The Quickening


Those Who Remain

Kenneth Bunn

Tribute to the Gray Wolf

G. Russell Case

Badger Creek Wash




Rising Shadows

Dan Chen





The Crows and the Pitcher


The Sentinel - Great Blue Heron


Which Way?!

Len Chmiel

Congregation of Murmurs


On Canyon Road


Social Security

Neil Clifford

Golden Currents



Don Coen

Buffalo Bill, a Dog and a Pickup [North Platte, Nebraska]


Lamar Goats II

Mark Daily

Indian Gate


Desert Monolith


Honor Dance, Taos Pueblo


Scent of Fall Pines

Glenn Dean

High Desert Drifter


Through the Meadow

John Demott



What I Love About Spring


Teresa Elliott

Butler Calf


Cuero Charolais

Headwaters II


The Gathering

The Javelina Clays



Sharron Evans



Rain Dance


Scott Fraser

Playing With Fire [ With Maquette Shadow Box ]


Lemon Meringue



Terry Gardner

Deep In Pike National Forest


Hayden Ranch


Winter Along Van Bibber Creek

Ulrich Gleiter

Birch Grove


Fall Colors


Spring Afternoon Sun

Brent Greenwood

Native Sisters


Urban Indian

David Griffin

Ripple Effect




David Grossmann

Between Sky and Earth at Sunrise


Golden Layers


Treading Lightly

William Haskell

Distant Thunder


Rocky Mountain Homestead


Santa Ana Light

Rocky Hawkins

Fire Ring


Horse Number 7

Secret Order

Quang Ho

Colorado Peaches


Black Beauty


Horse Portrait

Tony Hochstetler

Bean Pods



Ginkgo Leaves, Large




Seed Pods (Kurrajong)
T.D. Kelsey

Full of Himself


Learning the Two Step


Water Games

Steve Kestrel

Fragile / Poorwill


Strix & Stones


Vanishing / Gila

Amy Laugesen

Hayden Heritage


Mud Pony


Sun & Moon [Set of 2]


Ancient One

T. Allen Lawson

Crowing for Mr. Kurland


Scale of Operations


Wyoming Playground

Richard Loffler

Give Me Mothers for Diamonds


Last of the Prairie Wolf


The Weigh In

Kim Lordier

Amber Days


Lightly Embellished


Sandstone, Chamisa and Sun

Leon Loughridge

Easy Riders


Monument Tower


Monument Valley


Peak Shadows

Michael Lynch

Midsummer Rain


Petaluma Hills at Evening

Jerry Markham

The Taxidermist, Finishing Touches




Future Feast

Walter T. Matia

Calaveras Crooners


Greater Roadrunner Pair


Old Guards (Pair)

William Matthews

Arc of Change




Holiday Valley

Dean Mitchell



Maricopa County Reservation Relics


The Back Road to Taliesin West

Jim Morgan

First Snow


Great Grey Owl and Lodgepole



Arlo Namingha

Cultural Images #19


Assemblage #10


Pueblo Mother



Dan Namingha

Eagle Dance Series V


Fall River




Horizon #3

Joel Ostlind

A Bend in a Straight Line


Heart of the West


Morning Rush Hour

Howard Post

Nineteen Extras




Western Plains

Susan Raymond

Mongolian Horseman


Morning Routine


The Little Red Hen

Karen Roehl

Untitled [Grey Horse]


Untitled [2 Red Horses]


Untitled [Shadowed Horse]

Brad Rude

Moving On

Jo LeMay Rutledge

Heelers and Haulers


Line of Credit


'Trailer Trash'

Tim Shinabarger

Autumn Call


Wild Thing


Woodland Bull

Preston Singletary

Journey to the Sea


Oystercatcher Rattle


Pointing to the Sky


Tlingit Baskets

Jill Soukup

Cow Front Center


Lay Low


Orange Surge

Michael Stano

Cross Fox




Snow Flurries

Don Stinson

Question Raised by a Foaming Sea and the Long Swim South from Rozel Point


A Western Landscape as Seen from the Hamilton Building


A Western Landscape as Seen from the Ponti Roof

Karmel Timmons



End of the Day



Kent Ullberg

Cooling His Heels


Out of the Storm







Barbara VanCleve

At The Water Hole


Cow Country


Cowboy Life

M.W. Skip Whitcomb

No Left Turn (Colfax & Broadway)


Traffic Patterns, Steamboat


Old City Hall

Laura Wilson

Hutterite Boy on Appaloosa Horse, 1993


Longhorn, 1988


Watt Matthews, Stone Ranch, 1986

Seth Winegar

Pumpkin Days


Barn in White


Under Red Trees

Dinah K. Worman

A Fine Autumn Day


Shades of Winter


Winter Blues

Melanie Yazzie

Pollen Girl


Yazzie Girl in Pendleton

Dan Young

A Rain Delay


Just Passing Through


The Night Life


Club Artists:
Maeve Eichelberger

Ghost Horse


Guts & Glory


Lucky Ranch Peacock


The Ranch


The Yards

Jenny Gummersall

Three Colors


Two Make Landscape


Yesterday's Snow

Stephanie Hartshorn

Empire Square


Jackson Howdy


Light Absorbed


Neon Star


Quonset Blue

Peggy Judy

Four Grey Horses


On the Run


Palomino Mare and Foal

Karen Kelly

Dust Bowl


Fringe Boy


Good Form


Not His First Rodeo


Sunset Ropers

Paula Schuette Kraemer

Everytime I See...


Leaping Over the Word Pile


Meeting One II


Playing in the Tulips


Roasting Marshmallows with Manners

Eric Merrell

Canyon of the Birds


Dreaming Desert


Evening Crumbles into the Hills


Joshua Trees in the Snow


The Moon Makes Its Escape

Kyle Paliotto

Off To School


Rock Steady


Sheep in the Meadow

Cali Roberson

Backward Glance


Foothills and Fencelines



J.R. Sanders

Shades of the Past


When We Were Giants


Ganado Red


She Whispered To The Clouds


She Grew Up Here

Elsa Sroka









Tuesday Afternoon Swim

John Taft

Blue River Reflections


Sleeping Acres


Smarta Lobo Look

Andy Taylor



Melon Patch 26 Feb





Bryan Mark Taylor

Old Cow Barn


The Heart of Summer


Up Early

Carol Till

Delicate Balance


Feathered Nest


Horsehair Hummingbird Nest


Red Winged Blackbird Nest


The Oriole Oranges